Unfortunately, sometimes, things with moving parts will give you trouble.

At Wagga City Auto Centre our new workshop is well equipped to handle all manner of repairs from the most basic electrical fault to major engine overhauls.

  • We handle minor and major engine repairs, from head gasket replacement to complete rebuilds. We also supply and fit exchange engines at very competitive prices. Alternatively, engines can be rebuilt where no replacement unit is available.
  • Exhaust system inspected for leaks, damage and deterioration. Replacement with quality mufflers and components.
  • Electronic fuel injection can cause problems. We can perform a full engine tune-up, clean fuel injectors to ensure smooth running, check the air intake system and inspect fuel lines, replace fuel filter and check air cleaner and renew if necessary. If your car runs on LPG/Dual fuel, there are special factors to consider. We are the Riverina's specialists in LPG injection, your one-stop fuel injection shop.
  • Our wheel align contractors use the latest precision equipment to adjust caster, camber an toe-in of front (and rear) wheels to prevent excessive tyre wear and high-speed instability. We pressure-test the cooling system, inspect hoses for leaks, radiator cap for proper sealing, check coolant level & inhibitor concentration, check water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.
  • Full clutch service includes adjustment, hydraulics and clutch kit replacement for all makes and models. We only use quality components and all clutch replacements include flywheel machining to ensure smooth take up, shudder free clutch operation.

The above is just a small sample of our services, please ring Daryl or Chris to discuss your particular problem.